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About EveryTube

EveryTube was created after a party night with friends - we were drunk and were seeking for our favorite songs on YouTube. Sadly some songs were missing or not available in our country - so we started searching on vimeo and dailymotion too. Since this was so much work to find a single video i came up with the idea of this project.

With EveryTube you can find videos on YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo and play them directly on this site. This is the fastest way to your favorite video!

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I'm a young web developer from germany with passion for his dreams. I developed the entire project for myself and could finally really need a helping hand. You can help us in various ways - the easiest way is to share this app with your friends and make EveryTube famous, the seconds way is to give us feedback and advices to improve the app.

Together we are strong!